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Cabras is located in the heart of Sinis, a central-western area of Sardinia, rich in natural resources -such as its splendid beaches- and in culture and traditions with ancient museums and churches. The Archaeological museum which houses the famous statues of the ‘Giants of Monte Prama’ is one the most visited on the island. The archaeological site of Tharros has a particular charm, being on a peninsula bathed by a fantastic sea. The village of San Salvatore, known as the “Western village” for being movies set, has a considerable historical and cultural importance for its church, built in the 17th century on a prehistoric sanctuary carved into the rock. In Cabras, at the dawn of every first Saturday in September, the ‘Run of the barfoot’, one of the most evocative and heartfelt local events in Sardinia, involves over 800 white dressed runners who accompany the simulacrum of the saint from the church of Santa Maria Assunta to the village of San Salvatore, bringing it back to the parish the next day. All these mentioned places are easily reachable from Is Cortillaris farmhouse.

Agriturismo Is Cortillaris